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The 4 Benefits of Watching Porn and Porn Chatting

With technology changing everything at a fast pace, it has hit the world of pornography as well and make it easily accessible for us. Earlier, to have the sexual pleasure, one had to go for a physical relationship to get that pleasure within. But today’s picture is just opposite. To find that pleasure all you need is a smartphone with internet accessibility and the entire porn world will be in front of you. Not only movies, you can actually think of having virtual sex through adult sex chat available in OKSexChat.
But as everything as both positive as well as negative effect, pornography is also not an exception on this rule. While we all are aware of the side effects of watching porn, let us get some knowledge today on the benefit areas of watching a porn clipping or having a porn chat.

1- Porn is healthy to watch

While all the critics are against pornography and porn chat with all its bad effects, a couple of researches had been done, and it had been proven that watching a porn movie does not provide any negative mental or health-related issues. In 2008, Gert Hald and Neil Malamuth had conducted a survey on this topic with close to 700 people and finally came out with a conclusion that pornography has a positive connection over watching the general movies and increasing the level of sexual satisfaction within.

2- Virtual world yields a better result

Porn is worth watching when you wish to be creative in your own sexual world but unable to do that may be because of unavailability of your partner, or maybe you are not that much creative on this part. That is the time when pornography will help you to satisfy both your creative world as well as your own sexual urge. Researches have shown that people are better sex partners, majorly been able to make healthy masturbation. Erin Flaherty of The Frisky once mentioned in his article that “Surveys show that anywhere from 70 to 95 per cent of adult men and women get it on alone, and, yes, that includes people involved in monogamous relationships. According to Kinsey research, 40 per cent of men and 30 per cent of women in relationships masturbate. A survey of Playboy readers found 72 per cent of married men masturbate, and a similar Redbook survey found 68 per cent of married women do it, too.”

3- Porn is a great Stressbuster

Believe it or not but like other physical activities porn also acts as a great stressbuster. While we are stressed, cortisol gets released from our brains which helps in decreasing the thinking and the problem-solving capabilities. Researches and studies have proven that while both men and women are stressed or tensed on their own lives, watching porn, they had been able to reduce the cortisol and made themselves relaxed.

4- Porn helps to improve your relationship

While being in a relationship, try to watch porn together. This would not only take you to a variety of creativity in this field but at the end of it eventually, both of you would feel more sexually comfortable and confident to each other on this relationship, provided you both are well aware to set the practical expectations and guidelines because not all porn shows the practical applications.

porn chat and pornchat