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4 myths decoded on bisexuals and their preferences

When you talk about bisexuals, the first thing that comes to the minds of the people are that this kind of people are confused about their sexual orientation. Well, this is a statement that is completely judgmental where most people believe that a person can have just one orientation and not both. While in reality, bisexuals are neither straight nor gay/lesbian while having a similar liking for men and women.

Bisexuals do not have any fixed preference as such and like to mingle depending on their preference. It could be such that a man is dating a man while switching to a woman after a few years. Not all bisexuals are fickle minded, but that doesn’t stop them from preferring to enjoy their sexual orientation depending on the choice at that point in time.

While there are multiple myths that surround their existence, here are a few of them decoded for a better understanding.

Myth 1 – Bisexuality is a phase that would pass

Well, for those who are bisexuals and have this deep and equal interest in both men and women would not call it a phase. They are attracted to a certain gender when they find that connect both emotionally and sexually. It may be a case that a bisexual person has found love in a person of the same sex but that doesn’t mean that they do not like the other gender at all. They keep their options open depending on their state of mind and how their sexual desires are fulfilled. Their attraction towards a certain person irrespective of their gender isn’t a phase at all.

Myth 2 – Bisexuals have it easy while dating

Some think that since bisexuals are known to have experiences with dating men as well as women, it is easy for them to know about the psychology of the other person real quick. They too have to make a lot of effort to ensure that the other person has similar interests and sexual preferences and only then can they make through. Having the experience of dating both men and women doesn’t make them any great as starting another relationship from scratch is equally difficult no matter what the gender it is.

Myth 3 – Same-sex attraction doesn’t term them bisexua

Well, when a person is bisexual and is having a relationship with someone from the same gender, people do not term them as being bisexual. It is termed either as gay or lesbian. Well, why would that be just because there is this phase where they are attracted to the same gender. What if things aren’t that great with them and their relationship goes sour while finding solace in the opposite gender, aren’t they termed bisexual then? Therefore, stereotyping them and taking away their choice of sexual orientation isn’t something noble.

Myth 4 – They need to eventually make a choice

Well, that depends on their choice in life where they can decide on whom to choose for the rest of their lives. They may want to have a bisexual chat or live with a partner of the same gender or of the opposite one, and that doesn’t stop them from keeping their options open. There is nothing mandatory where they have to make a permanent choice.

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