4 reasons why one should date a transgender

When it comes to talking about transgender, people tend to have a very biased outlook towards them. Some people born as males tend to feel more like a woman and has feminine qualities that overpower their natural being. There is nothing wrong in that and accepting that way is what makes it the matter of pride.

When people accept gays or lesbians naturally, why not accept the transgender? While some say that dating them doesn’t have any fruitful results as men owning a penis doesn’t put to good use of it and instead intend to show their feminine side when it comes to their sexual behaviour. Some even undergo sexual transformation either by consuming pills or probably undergoing surgeries, and that doesn’t make them less human.

Dating them or probably going into a relationship seems like a taboo while there are several things that people miss out on when they avoid emotional or sexual relationships with them. Here are a few facts cleared out that show why it isn’t anything bad when you date a transgender.

1- They aren’t gay or probably homosexuals

Just because they have a woman’s soul trapped in a man’s body which yearns for male attention doesn’t make them gay or homosexuals. It is what they are as they tend to show off their womanly instincts more than their male side. They aren’t gay and therefore, accepting them just because they show their female instincts and desires doesn’t make them downtrodden. Their physical self has nothing to do with their sexual desires which are often being attracted to males.

2- They aren’t any different human being

Just as it is portrayed in novels and the television, the transgender isn’t anything over the top. While most people of this type tend to undergo surgeries or probably consume hormonal replacement pills which makes them more like a female and that they make all the efforts to look like a female and also act like one. They take immense care of their bodies and appearance which is the result of the need to be feminine and get rid of all possible male instincts or the traits regarding their appearance.

3- They know what it takes to satisfy a man

Since they live in the body of a man but have these female traits in them, they know what it takes to satisfy a man and their desires. When you get into a relationship or probably have a chat with them, you being a male can get fully satisfied when you compare their actions to a normal woman. She wouldn’t know what a male body needs by a transgender would know as they live in one.

4- They know how to satisfy

While they make all the efforts in being a woman with no option other than living in a man’s body, they know how to satisfy their partner. They would know how to incorporate their sexual desires as well as satisfy their male partners, unlike any other female partner. Since they take up all the pain to act like a woman, they ensure that their partner is satisfied to the greatest extent to retain them.