How Can Sexting Benefit Your Relationship?

Have you ever heard of free sexting? Well, sexting is nothing but sending your own naked or semi-naked photos, clippings or even sending sexual messages to someone via mobile. Though at an early stage sexting was considered to be a strange and hush-hush type of activity, then gradually people have started accepting it. You would be shocked to hear that this sexting has a positive contribution towards your relationship.

In 2017, Drouin and his colleagues have surveyed both men and women regarding their sexting activities in the past or recent past and had come out with certain interesting conclusions from that. Aren’t you inquisitive enough to know more about those conclusions and especially when you have done some sexting activity very recently but thinking that as a crime? Well, I am sure like me even you would also be surprised to know that like negative sexting has a lot of contribution towards our personal romantic lives. Let’s look at certain conclusions derived from Drouin’s survey.

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The Extensivity of Sexting among both men and women

While conducting that survey, Drouin had found out that nearly 58 percent of both men and women had participated in picture sexting or video sexting and 42 had done through text message. However, in this 58 percent, gender differentiation had been shown to have sexting done with. More than 50 percent of men had revealed that they had done sexting with a casual partner while the picture is just opposite to women. The survey showed that more than 50 percent of women had done sexting with their committed partner. From that survey, the researchers concluded that women are more emotional and while even doing the sexting they look for emotional commitment from their partner as well as the social security and that basically drives them to have sexting done with their committed partner majorly. Men neither are that much emotional, nor they need that social risk of licking out that sexting. That is the main reason that they would like to have sexting in a casual relationship than a committed one.

The positive and negative consequences of Sexting

Like everything sexting or a sex chat also has both positive and negative effects towards a relationship. However, studies have proven that this positivity or negativity depends on what kind of relationship that you are sexting with. Drouin and his colleagues have found out that both men and women gained positive outcome from sexting while doing it with their committed partner. Both have revealed that sexting with their committed partners has influenced their sexual as well as emotional connect. However, the picture was just the opposite in casual sexting. Survey proved that having sexting with casual partners have come out with negative impacts like worry, trauma, etc. both regarding men and women.

Outcomes on attachment avoidance

In this survey, Drouin have also analysed what type of sexchat had a positive impact on the relationship, whether that’s without attachment of clippings or pictures or with the attachment of clippings or pictures. They finally have concluded that people who did sexting with attachment had a much higher level of sexual as well as emotional sexting comfort than those who did it without attachment.

Hope now you are well aware on what type of sexting that you are in and what could be the probable outcome of it.
Happy sexting!!