How can Roleplay Spice Up Your Sex Life – Part1

Are you getting bored with the regular sexual practises and positions with your partner? Is it creating frustration both on you and on your sex-partner? It is time to re-define your daily sex life; time is to show a wild you to your partner, time is for roleplay in your sex life. We humans by nature get bored with anything that is same and practised on a daily basis. And that’s when we need to change a bit of it, either style or pattern to get its charm back once again. Not only to get back the charm, but also role play in your daily sex life helps you to discover your hidden personality and creativity. Here are a few ideas help you with few creative ideas that can certainly make your tonight sizzling.

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Ask your partner to act like the way he/she had was on the first day having sex and you take all the initiatives to teach your partner tonight how to make love. Starting to teach everything from scratch would create excitement within and will make you both wildly attracted towards each other. Of course, in this case, your partner’s cooperation being a fresher is very much required.

Act as strangers

Think about the first day when you met your sex partner for the first time, and you guys ended up with sex. What a pleasant night it was. Time is to repeat the same moment with the same person but as a stranger. Meet your partner at any bar or pub or nightclub just as a stranger and get yourselves locked into the hotel room. Start with some tempting dialogues to impress each other followed by a lovemaking session that would refresh your 1st day.

The police and criminal act

Try out an act of police and criminal. Ask your partner to be the criminal, and you become the cop. Then as a part of the interrogation, try out something new called physical interrogation where you would cross-examine your partner’s physic from top to bottom. Are you not feeling erected by imagining this?

Like police-criminal, you can also try out the doctor-patient act. Get some medical tools from the nearest toy store and examine your partner’s body thoroughly. Do it tonight itself and see how frequently both of you would like to play this act.

You could also opt for boss-employee relationship. Get professionally dressed and all you need in this act is a table. Allow the boss to flirt, tease his secretary and make the most out there at your workstation.

Make the room look attractive

Decorate your bedroom like a parlour massage room with colourful flowers and fragrances. Don’t forget to use some candles which create a perfect aroma for the massage. Invite your partner for a massage. Use sex stimulating things while massaging your partner, like ice cubes. Give your partner a smooth massage by gently rubbing ice cubes on his/her body. Let the both of you get crazy with the massage session.
So try out something new tonight to give both of you a new look of yourselves.

All the best!

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